Servicing St louis, Missouri & dallas, Texas areas

Providing Professional Trade Contractors

Application Process - We are a professional, hardworking company that values our associates. Please click on the link below and fill out our Initial Contractor Interview Questionaire. Please be prepared to provide resume and references. Thank you for your interest we look forward to working together! 

Contractor Opportunities

Company Independent Contractor

  • Is available to respond to service calls on a daily basis for various areas of trade. Commissions will be paid percentage of companies hourly rate charged to customer (uniformed).

Independent Contractor

  • Contractor or company that is hired for services rendered to customer for L1HH according to that particular trade and job contract.
  • Commissions to be paid on upon agreed percentage for total job and based off hourly rate charged.

Network Contractor

  • Company or contractor that has agreed to service L1HH customers according to customers contract agreement and rates with L1HH.
  • Commissions to be paid by percentage of per job contract (hourly rates may apply).

Outsourced Companies and Contractors

  • Company or contractor with no contractual agreement with L1HH who is hired to work with L1HH customer.
  • Company or contractor to be paid by L1HH (not customer directly). An L1HH representative collects the fee from the customer.